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Simple and Romantic, This Spring Trend Won’t Cost Much

Affordable spring trend!

The long winter is finally over! I’ve had enough of thick coats.

With the temperature warming up, let’s quickly find some delightful spring trend elements.

spring trend bow 2024

Even before researching, I already know the answer for spring trend 2024 —

The bow has been incredibly popular recently, flooding social media feeds.

spring trend bow 2024 2

In the past, bows were exclusively associated with a girly style.

Brands like Simone Rocha & Sandy Liang, for example, filled their collections last fall and winter with girlish thoughts.

Simone Rocha
Simone Rocha
Sandy Liang
Sandy Liang

But things have changed this year for spring trend 2024.

Even minimalist Nordic brands like Acne Studios…

spring trend bow 2024 4

And the typically restrained Prada autumn-winter collection, are full of bows.

So, I boldly predict that this spring trend will not only spread widely but will also last from the beginning to the end of the year.

Prada 2024
Prada 2024
Prada 2024

Recent interpretations by bloggers have also stepped out of the traditional sweet impression of bows.

American blogger Alyssa Coscarelli & British model Galina Arkhi both wore black and white outfits, giving bows a punk edge.

spring trend bow 2024 5

Two Korean girls: sumoio & tiissue, adorned their ears and necks with bows, embracing a minimalist romantic style.

spring trend bow 2024 6

Even food is joining the fun!

American blogger Maryl Jean’s croissants & Dubai blogger Silvia Perfetti’s cakes both sprouted sweet bows.

A little bit of cute embellishment.

spring trend bow 2024 7

Of course, the most popular are bow accessories.

Vogue accurately predicted last autumn: in March 2024, we will all be wearing ribbons on our heads.

spring trend bow 2024 8

And they were absolutely right!

Two short-haired girls, Elsa Hosk & Beaver, both tied up their hair with bows, a stark contrast to their usual cool style.

spring trend bow 2024 9

Two Korean girls, Jennie & Jisoo, took the elegant route, decorating their braids with black bows.

Very dignified! They look like characters straight out of a Korean drama.

spring trend bow 2024 10

As for the other two Korean girls—Una Jung & iamcorn, they opted for low pigtails, with bows, giving off a very popular ballet vibe.

A sweet and cool feeling comes naturally.

spring trend bow 2024 11

So this spring trend, everyone can try wearing bow accessories.

It only costs a few cents, but it will make a big difference to your whole look.

spring trend bow 2024 12

So how do you choose?

First of all, don’t go for overly complicated styles—double-layer designs like those of Canadian blogger Laurence Fortin-Cote & French blogger Marta Cygan, are only suitable for students in primary school.

spring trend bow 2024 13

And the size shouldn’t be too big either.

Look at the comparison between Mexican blogger Francine Vega’s left and right sides, the left side with an overly large bow looks like a human-shaped gift box, while the right side is much more reasonable.

spring trend bow 2024 14

So just pick a thin ribbon and tie it up, it sets the mood without being too extravagant.

The bow on the head of French fashion director Lise Froissart is just perfect, red but not too extravagant, exuding a strong French vibe.

spring trend bow 2024 15

As for materials, feel free to experiment!

Swedish blogger Emelie Hjort & Korean blogger Jinju chose white lace bows, adding a touch of lightness to their heavy coats.

spring trend bow 2024 16

Two Korean girls, Mulbada & Una Jung, used yarn bows to match their soft sweaters.

spring trend bow 2024 17

Bows that match the fabric of the clothes will create a more cohesive look.

Finally, let’s talk about color selection.

Black is undoubtedly the safest choice, preventing bows from appearing too childish or sweet.

spring trend bow 2024 18

Even the representative of minimalist style, German blogger Beatrice Gutu, has fallen in love with the versatility of black bows.

She always wears various black coats + sunglasses, then uses bows to soften the sharp lines and break the dull atmosphere, looking incredibly sophisticated.

spring trend bow 2024 19

Danish blogger Marie Wibe Jedig & Polish blogger Kasia Szymkow opted for black suits with strong shoulder lines.

Truly understated.

spring trend bow 2024 20

Compared to autumn and winter, black bows seem more suitable for spring trend and summer time!

Like the two Korean bloggers, Douneo & Kisekikiki, wearing slightly revealing clothes in all black won’t be boring.

spring trend bow 2024 21

Or simply switch to black and white: white clothes + black bows, super elegant.

I was really impressed by this photo from Norwegian fashion editor Darja Barannik. Who says bows are only for girly styles?

spring trend bow 2024 22

Korean blogger Douneo & British blogger Julia Belza also went for black and white, with black bows echoing details on their clothes and bags.

The small addition of bows makes basic outfits feel fresh and new for this spring trend.

spring trend bow 2024 23

The second most popular color for bows is white, giving a quiet and elegant feeling.

Korean blogger Jinju wore all white, like the white moonlight in a pure love movie that is constantly remembered.

spring trend bow 2024 24

But be careful not to choose bows that are too large, or you might end up looking like you’re wearing a “flower hat”.

French blogger Anne Pallandre on the right side of the picture chose a super thin ribbon, which naturally matches white clothes.

spring trend bow 2024 25

Korean blogger Jinju & British blogger Grace Lotti’s outfits are more innovative, using white ribbons to pair with heavy clothes.

It’s like a little spring trend breeze in gloomy weather.

spring trend bow 2024 26

When the weather gets warmer, the size of the bows can be even smaller.

The white bow of Korean blogger douneo is as thin as a strand of hair! It looks particularly delicate.

spring trend bow 2024 27

As long as the size is mini enough, having a few more won’t be a problem.

Two Korean girls, Jennie & Joy, have scattered bows on their heads, looking quite playful.

spring trend bow 2024 28

For bolder girls, don’t limit yourself to just black and white!

How about trying colored bows? Try to keep them thin for better matching.

spring trend bow 2024 29

For example, red is comfortable for Asian girls.

Looking at the comparison, the dark hair on the right side complements the red ribbon better than the platinum blonde hair on the left side.

spring trend bow 2024 30

Once you tie a red bow, the warmth and romance levels shoot up for this spring trend.

French blogger Marielle Haon & Mexican blogger Francine Vega’s outfits are so simple, but the red ribbon is truly the finishing touch.

spring trend bow 2024 31

For those skilled with their hands, like Danish Trine Kjaer & Korean star Jennie, weaving a red ribbon into a braid is an option.

It’s a bit like a boxer braid, full of vitality and strength.

spring trend bow 2024 32

As for a tender pink, it’s charming and lovely.

Two Korean bloggers, iamcorn & Jinju, paired it with white clothes.

spring trend bow 2024 33

A light baby blue is also very attractive, exuding a naive sense of innocence.

It also pairs well with white clothes.

spring trend bow 2024 34

If you’re not sure how to match, you can follow the example of Korean actress Zhang Yuanye & Jennie, and keep the ribbon in the same color as your clothes.

Even wearing the simplest basic outfit will feel extraordinary for this spring trend.

spring trend bow 2024 35

Ah, bows are really romantic! They can add a fairy tale touch to any outfit.

A girl who ties a ribbon in her hair like this must have a very soft heart.

spring trend bow 2024 36

Egyptian artist Laila Gohar, who is passionate about bow creation, once said, “The process of tying a bow is like giving a hug.”

So why not give it a try and embrace spring trend with this little decoration~

spring trend bow 2024 37

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